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Nightmare Chronicles: A Homeless Future

Last night my nightmares came back with a vengeance.  I fell asleep, completely exhausted, and was quickly whisked into the future.  Dreamtime knows no boundaries, no rules. Nightmares can do anything. They are all powerful and in my mind, in this particular state, they are real.

I was homeless. I smelled bad, my clothes were rough, torn, dirty and not my own. I had a hat but my hair was stringy and dirty underneath and it itched. I was hungry.  My belly twisted against the back of my spine and the only bright spot of this particular nightmare was that it occurred to me that I was finally thin.

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Full On Ice Cream Mode

This week was epic. I could feel it starting on Monday. There have been big changes to my family life and home routine. I always take on everything with a Rosie the Riveter attitude – CAN DO! But by Tuesday, I knew I was in over my head. Wednesday was even worse, and by Thursday I pulled all the shades, turned on cartoons for the littles, turned on the fire place to ward off the chill, and slept for six hours while my kids jumped on me and had a great time soaking up all the Playhouse Disney their little hearts could desire.

Get off your butt! You can do this!

It’s been a long time since I zoned out like that. I have meds to keep me from doing that. I have to take those meds because I love my kids and I don’t want DCS taking them away from me.

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