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Month: December 2014

Nightmare Chronicles: A Homeless Future

Last night my nightmares came back with a vengeance.  I fell asleep, completely exhausted, and was quickly whisked into the future.  Dreamtime knows no boundaries, no rules. Nightmares can do anything. They are all powerful and in my mind, in this particular state, they are real.

I was homeless. I smelled bad, my clothes were rough, torn, dirty and not my own. I had a hat but my hair was stringy and dirty underneath and it itched. I was hungry.  My belly twisted against the back of my spine and the only bright spot of this particular nightmare was that it occurred to me that I was finally thin.

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Another one from Post Secret.

This is actually something I have been wondering lately. Where does the actual me end? What’s the line between my identity and my illness. If I were to be magically cured of my illness, what would I do? Would I have the strength to do the right things? I mean, the feelings, the anxiety… those are the illness. But how much of my reaction is learned behavior? And how much of it would I be able to ignore if my mind and feelings worked like everyone else?